President Zardari writes for the NYTimes

President Zardari has contributed a piece to today’s New York Times in which he analyzes the roots of the current situation of extremism in Pakistan and what must be done to resolve the conflict.

The President delved into the past and offered the Pakistani perspective of the war on terrorism. Lamenting the 1980s as having created a “Kalashnikov and heroin society” in the country, President Zardari argues the abandonment of the region by American forces after the Soviets’ defeat further solidified an environment in which extremism was unchallenged and allowed to grow at an alarming rate. That has led to the current horror, he writes. And it is a horror the people of Pakistan have come to know very well.

President Zardari takes the bold step of answering American accusations that Pakistanis just do not like the US.

The fact is, Pakistanis see the US-Pak relationship as a historically transactional one. Support of martial law, abandonment in the 1990s, and most recently, following the horrific events of 9/11, the US supported the Musharraf regime, though it did nothing for democracy in Pakistan.

Be that as it may, it is time to begin a new era of relations between the two nations.

In unequivocal terms, President Zardari pledges his full commitment to ending extremism in Pakistan. “The free world stands with President Obama in the effort to defeat the extremism that threatens us all. Pakistanis are on the frontlines in this battle.”

The President’s article comes after one of the worst weeks in Pakistan’s history. He is correct in noting no other nation has paid such a heavy price in bloodshed and lives lost.

Though Pakistan has done much, and is grateful for the US’ assistance, there remains a need for continued assistance from a new friend and partner.


2 thoughts on “President Zardari writes for the NYTimes

  1. I fully support the thoughts of president zardari. The seeds of terrorism, first sown by Russia through military intervention in Afghanistan and then American support of jihadis has created a nighmarish situatin for Pakistani people. The Americans, instead of being ashamed of their role in this regard, are parroting Pakistan to ‘Do More’. They are also encouraging India to do the sabotage activities in Pakistan with the collusion of Mosad, Khad and Blackwater. This drama is being staged to capture Pakistan’s nuclear assets. Pakistan is in quagmire these days due to American pressure. Americans have though, lost the war but extending the things with bad intentions on our nucelar installations. But the things would not last long. It is the testing time for Pakistan’s patience, perseverance and tolerance. Such an unnatural pressure is far beyond the endurance of this country and people will react abruptly. We are not here to be subservient to India, as Americans desire. I think the situation will soon turn into nuclear holocaust if the things are not estimated in logical and rational way.

  2. Zardari conveniently forgets that it was PPP itself under ZA Bhutto who introduced terrorism and fascism culture in Pakistan. Murtuza Bhutto’s hijacking of PIA aircraft, his killing a miitary officer onboard and taking along scores of hard core terrorists to Afghanistan n evetually Syria is still fresh in Pakistan.

    Who can forget Bhutto’s threating words” any one going to Dhaka will have his legs broken”, and the wat fascist way Bhutto” fixed” Dr. Rafique by having him killed, “special treatment” applied to aged founding member J.H.Rahim and his ‘adopted son” Mairaj M.Khan of PPP?.

    Please dont dupe more than 66% of other people who did not vote for you, Mr.Zardari by your high flying words.

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