The Evil Among Us

There is no question that there is evil among us today. How else can we explain the violence that continues to terrorize our lives? No mother should have to fear for her children when they walk to school, wondering if they will come home. No military solider should have to worry about protection from the very citizens he has pledged his life to protect. No Muslim should have to risk death to attend Friday namaaz. And yet here we find ourselves, plagued with all of these problems and more.

If there was any doubt about the anti-Islamic nature of the violence by so-called jihadi militants like TTP, that doubt no longer lingers. Founder and paton-in-chief of Tehrik Minhajul Quran, Dr. Tahirul Qadri, has issued a fatwa declaring suicide bombings and indiscriminate bomb attacks anti-Islam<.

Islamic teachings do not allow anyone to take arms against any Muslim state since spilling Muslim blood is a bigger sin and leads to civil war, he has said while addressing people though videoconference from Canada at Minhajul Quran office on Saturday where he issued an edict, denouncing the ongoing wave of suicide attacks in the country.

Dr Qadri, who had settled in Canada five years ago, said terrorist activities were a serious breach of Islamic teachings and a rebellion against the state. He said though Muslims were being persecuted by foreign non-Muslims powers and Muslim governments were silent spectators, no Muslim group could wage an armed struggle against the oppressor states in the name of Jihad.

Supporters and apologists for TTP, LeT, al Qaeda, and other groups that attack and kill innocent civilians are not supporting the word of Allah. They are only supporting evil. And as is well known throughout history, evil only begets more evil. If there was any debate about this before, today the debate has ended.


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