Pakistan Receives New F-16 Delivery from USA

New F-16 fighter jets were rolled out today in Fort Worth, Texas. The fighter jets are due for delivery to Pakistan’s military after a prolongued effort by President Zardari and his Ambassador to the US, Husain Haqqani. Ambassador Haqqani attended the ceremony along with Chief of Pakistan Air Force Rao Qamar.

These state-of-the-art F-16s will bolster PAF’s fleet of high tech combat aircraft and will enable it to undertake wide variety of missions across the entire spectrum of operations.

After completion of testing and integration of the new system, the first batch of F-16 C/D aircraft is scheduled to arrive in Pakistan in June 2010, and the delivery of all 18 F-16s is planned to complete by December 2010.

This new delivery of top-grade fighter jets is the result of “unprecedented international cooperation,” and promises to provide Pakistan’s Air Force with the tools necessary to protect a strong and free Pakistan.

The F-16 is the choice of 25 nations. More than 4,400 aircraft have been delivered worldwide from assembly lines in five countries. The F-16 program has been characterized by unprecedented international cooperation among governments, air forces and aerospace industries. Major upgrades to all F-16 versions are being incorporated to keep the fleet modern and fully supportable over the aircraft’s long service life.

The eighteen new aircraft being delivered to Pakistan will feature state of the art radar systems, as well as long-range air-to-air missiles. in addition to the new batch of fighter jets, the agreement between Pakistan and the US provides for Pakistan’s existing fleet of F-16 fighter jets to be upgraded.


86 thoughts on “Pakistan Receives New F-16 Delivery from USA

  1. i m very happy that pakistan is receiving f 16. it s not effort of zardari, it s effort of pak army. mr zer dari is not eligble 4 president sorry to ay but is true

  2. If we see history, when our Prophet (PBUH) passed away, there was not a single penny in his home but there were 7 swords hanged on the wall. This clearly means that we must be ready for the “Jihad”.
    So now we have to prepare our self more than mere American F-16s.
    Its my dream to see Pakistan becoming capable of preparing Latest Generation War Aircrafts more advanced than Lockheed Martin’s F-35, More sophisticated Communication and Spy Satellites, UCAV, Helicopters, Frigates, Nuclear Submarines and Aircraft Carrier, and many many more.

    There is so much to say.

  3. I Agree with Shakir. How can you publish such news with our verification? Kindly recall your short memories where Pakistan forwarded its Letter of Intent “LOI” in year 2006 to acquire 36 F-16s aircrafts from America but there was change of Plan by Musharraf when he visited China and accepted China’s offer to purchase 36 China made 4th Generation J-10 Aircrafts. So Pakistan has to revise its LOI for F-16 from 36 to 18 Aircrafts.

    We must give the right credit to the person who owns it. So this was a purely Musharraf’s Government efforts and being honest, its credit must be given to him and his team and not to President Zardari and his Ambassador to the US, Husain Haqqani.

  4. do u call this step forward in pakistan defensive front line wat a crap i thought pakistan going to strenghten its fleet by making its own satisfactory aircraft on his very land.but now geting 30 odd jets by america make me feel laugh inside over 4000 plus being develped through out the world and making feeling secure of tiny little limited birds 40 i think going to defend its land from hard hitting strikes of enemies wat a shame think before u feel pride of nation or to be totally disgrace and have shame calling it pride of nation during time of jet discussion.AND HAVE SOME SHAME WHILE GETING OFENSIVE OVER HIGH IAF AND OTHER ENEMIES AROUND.THINK BEFORE U TALK SOMETHING…ARE U GONNA DEFEND LAND BY 4th GEN JETS WHILE WORLD ALREADY HAVE 5TH GEN TECHNO JETS BABE….

  5. Oh man Yasser bhai first you talk about Prophet (SAW) and sunnah and then you post other comment praising that dictator Musharraf! LOL! You are confused man! You can thank your Musharraf for loadshedding and rising price of goods. I better get home before power goes out! LOL! Thanks Musharraf!

  6. I agree with yasir ali. We should hold best military equipment in the world. we should go For J-10 fighters too from china. Instead of american we should go for french weaponary like euro-fighters and mirraj

  7. hay man, this is good PAKISTAN is progressing, but this is the efforts of Musharaf administration. this Gov. is not able to do 1 good thing since winning elections.Sorry this is a failed Gov.

  8. Zardari should not be given the credit for all this and whats the surety that pakistan would get the f 16 , usa government is known for making promises and breaking them ,its their hall mark so instead of being dependent we should make our own in collaboration with china who always have helped pakistan in every kind of situation

  9. Dear All…don’t be so patriot… Pakistan is made for America, There is any Govt e.g..Civilion or Dictatorship…what america wants they will do..

  10. It would be nice to see these f16 fly next to the j10s. I am still trying to understand why we are trying to make jf 17s they are no comparison to f16c/d blocks in air to air combact(plus they cost around 20million where as the f16 costs around the same)….

  11. I totally disagree with you guys incase of F-16 delivery from USA, well as i undertand the situation its not the result of anyboday’s effort to get F-16 from USA neither Musharaf nor Zardari… Its USA who’s so called delevering these F-16 for their own hidden purpose, not for the sake of strengthening PAK militry.

  12. 1.These are not new , a wrong information, these are old and refurbished,loss of tax payers money (I amone of 2.2 Million only TaxPayers)
    2.I am from Textile Industry, we understand machine old then 10 years, not a single vendor of spare parts is available any where, 2nd hand machinery only the agent is in profit.

  13. Our Air force is much important in defence, and f-16 is the best aircraft in the world so it will be better for pakistan and PAF that we got more 16.

  14. Guys, Are yu ppl confirmed that we will receive the said Planes as promised by USA. Since many years, USA had banned its delivery and we were forced to pay the hanger charges to Lockheed. These charges were running the lockheed’s operations and making us more indebted to US, IMF and WB.

    Please pray k we receive the said planes and we become capable of manufacturing the same.

    The credit of this goes to the Government of USA, untill and unless they donot want, nobody can take even a office pin from there. They have systems which we lack.

  15. Pray Mr. Musharaf for his good deeds and its one of them after all he was capable Military Personal , a General.

  16. I think it’s good news after all…

    It’s not proud , it’s not a shame !!!

    But we should realize it’s batter than the aid we get… which goes to the while elephants of Government…

    This will stay on our air base no matter we break up with America or not … We get chines Aircrafts or not ! but this is an Straight of the art addition in our Air Wing !

  17. I think it’s good news after all…

    It’s not proud , it’s not a shame !!!

    But we should realize it’s batter than the aid we get… which goes to the while elephants of Government…

    This will stay on our air base no matter we break up with America or not … We get chines Aircrafts or not ! but this is an Straight of the art addition in our Air Wing !

  18. There should be a Pakistan Policy and that should not be changed with the change of any government untill the objectives are achieved. We should say that we got the f16 by the concerted efforts of Pakistan rather a President or an Ambassador. If we will be having efficient President, Prime Minister and Ambassadors, the country would progress and if they are lacking of, then we will be more indebted to others.

  19. what pakistan is building this military might for.if it is india specific let us know india is a big country with big resources.if they live hungry for one day they will raise enough funds to offset any imbalance created by the F16s.let us try toput our house inorder.east pakistan is a long story—what is happening in baluchistan andFATA should be looked into.majority of pakistanis are living below poverty line.let us give themdignity.

  20. Dear all,

    I think it is better we should thank the people around who are not willingly but still helpin us to get strong. No matter how strong our enemies around are still we are ready for anything that comes up.

    This new fleet of 4 th gen is been improved with much better funcition and best of all can carry nukes with it and our pakistani aero mech are makin our oldie f-16 far more better then we can ever imagine.

    Rest remember one small things war is not won by high tech equipments it’s been won by bravery and faith in Allah. Thankx all

  21. How hypocrites u ppl are ! on one hand u reject aid from US and on the other u accept F-16s from them! And mind you this has also happened due to lobbyin of hussain haqani as said by our PAF chief…army has nothin to do with it!!

  22. Salam,

    I have studied all the above remarks every one is correct at his view but having F-16 is not enough we should have proper government environment in the current situation if army commands goes under USA then how we will use these Jets without permission so we should have AZADI in pure sense then these jets will benefits to our country defence conditions.

  23. Well well well, its a good one bring more. bring drones and owax as well. Get the technology transfered. Get the status of recognized nuclear state and finally get control of this region and take care of your business

  24. from skardu BLT..i think it is a very good step forward for acquiring these advanced jet aircrafts..we dont know much about its technology and how it compares to other jet crafts from other industrial counties..but i know one thing which is that every country looks for its interest while making any our govnment must have examined other aspects too..were paying for it no one is giving us it for free…the govn. does whats best for our country..our concern should be unity..i read some of the comments above and i felt sad to c we lack it..the Punjabys cant accept a sindhy leader and the sindhys do the same..wer all brothers..zardari is a individual where he is sitting needs to be respected..toularance is the key here…we have alot of enimies inside and outside our country..we dont want any one to take each other and the country..only in this way we can defeat any conspiracies or propaganda from them,long live Pakistan..

  25. this is a very good development. its true that the MoU was signed for 18 + 18 optional F16s in 2006. while musharraf has been pakistans greatest blunder, we should give the devil his due too. these f16s are surely NOT the effort of decadent hussain haqqani and party. if it was for them, this deal would never have proceeded. the deal was sealed in 2006 and pak already paid for these jets, thats why they are coming. there are few people who are saying that we cannot defend pakistan with 18 f16s. i would suffice to say that muslim does not rely on weapons to fight. its real weapon is its emaan and spiritual forces behind it. theres a reasonwhy khalid ibne walid could fight of 60,000 with 30 muslims. never think that 18 f16s would be nothing. also, pakistan sees usa as unrelaible defense supplier and that 100% true. usa knows paf likes f16s and they use extortion of f16s on paf. these 18 f16s are acquired at a price of 83 million (including munition0 a piece, which is quite high. its good that pakistan is going for j10s. as a matter of fact, j10b’s that paf will receive in 2015 are better than F16s. j10s have greater reach, power, better avionics, air frame and have thrust vectoring as well. j10 is also based on f16 so its better pakistan does not ask for more f16s because paf frankly is fed up of american attitude of blackmailing. paf should go for chinese jf17 I and II, j10s and jxx with western avionics. at most if it wants western jets, it should go for gripen NG, which also complies with the armed forces development program which requires paf to acquire only single jet aircrafts until 2015. paf should strive for total self reliance with china only. gone are the days when chinese jets were known as bad. now chinese technology is almost at par with western technology. this will be evident in aquisition of j10s and jxx soon. inshAllah.

    May allah be with pakistan.

  26. It is great to know about the F-16’s but i think the world has moved far away and we all still still begging for Funds.
    Don’t we have resources on which we shall rely, where are all the Funds & Loans going where will they be utilised, It looks like they are going to some Swiss accounts.

    PLZ GIVE US PAKISTAN OF IQBAL & QUAID-E-AZAM not the Pakistan of Obama & Kerry Lugar.

    As for the F-16’s why have they been given now, why not before is this also part of a deal, but what is the benifit of the F16 can we use it against our enemies or are they meant to be used against our Pakistani brothers.

    I suggest we shall think on this

  27. I’m really happy that our country’s air force will be strengthened after receiving additional F-16 Jets. It’s the need of the hour right now. These fighter planes will reinforce our armed forces to crush the militants will precise air strikes. Hats off to Zardari for having negotiated such a marvelous deal with the US……………..

  28. This is very good news for our country but we need some defending tecnolgy for our inner attacks.our army and barocrats need to think about.our barocrats just think about how to eat and make defalt our country if this country alive than every mercedise can run think it.

  29. What good are F16s for .. .when we cant even shoot down a drone. (which is like a mosquito) … I used to work for a company that sold army helicopters to Pakistan. When their engineers came to visit pakistan .. one of them mentioned to me … you guys need trash trucks ..not helicopters … just look at the filth lying around..

  30. What a crap
    On one side our govt is begging to US for money in form of Kerry Lugar BIll and on the other side we are buying F-16s from them with the same money which they gave us.
    Do we have any self respect?
    To hell with F-16s
    We are better off with our own weapons even if we have only swords or even stones to throw on.
    Come on people lets reject this ajenda of destroying Pakistan. They are taking us down by giving us thousands of wounds and weakening us.
    Get Out America, Leave us at our own

  31. although F16 AIRCRAFTS will come to pakistan very late,but it is good and its the dream of every airforce of every country.i hope pakistan should also try to manage her own satellite as soon as possibly to make her more strong for both strategic and

  32. apparently it seems very happy news but it will remain just a news,is heartrending.this is not first time,USA anounced it several times.because they never do what they say to Pakistan.this is lingering since long because american are not sincere with pakistan.instead of delivering aircrafts,even a few,they just gave a plan as usual.i am not pessimist but previous promises are loudly speaking even if we brush them under carpet for so called friendship.i pray and wish this happen as said but i am not too optimistic about this.

  33. what a small parcel? just a squadron of aircrafts? we are losing our men in the battle against terrorism out of whom each one is more valuable than a single aircraft. We should have been given at least 100 aircrafts. Americans would have lost war long ago if we had not backed them. The should realize the facts on ground and sacrifices of the Pakistani soldiers. If we are not there on the frontline then some Tom and Harry would come and oppose the violant Talibans?

  34. Its very good to heard and see that Pakistan received New F-16 Air Fighters. But now the time to develop the latest defence technology to strenghen the Pakistan….

    Pakistan Zindabad

  35. It’s good to hear that atleast we are receiving now, those aircrafts for which we have paid dozens of years before. But how long we’ll rely on external sources? I need to stand on our own feet. We have to forg new paths and avoid borrowed ones.
    “Pakistan ZindaBad”


  37. If we see history, when our Prophet (PBUH) passed away, there was not a single penny in his home but there were 7 swords hanged on the wall. This clearly means that we must be ready for the “Jihad”. So now we have to prepare our self more than mere American F-16s. Its my dream to see Pakistan becoming capable of preparing Latest Generation War Aircrafts more advanced than Lockheed Martin’s F-35, More sophisticated Communication and Spy Satellites, UCAV, Helicopters, Frigates, Nuclear Submarines and Aircraft Carrier, and many many more.

    There is so much to say.

  38. We should be happy that the arrival of these aircraft will further strengthen Pakistan Airfirce. Who ever made an effort is not a point of discussion as it is our duty. Sitting in luxarious offices by putting burdon on common citizen in the form of various taxes at least we are duty bound to deliver as well.

  39. Islam say be sweet to your Muslims brothers and Hard to your enemy.So thats goo for Pak to have a strong defence.Long live Pkistan.

  40. yaar these aircrafts are condemned dummies. pls think for a moment, why enemy of Muslims give us latest technology. in Holy Quran Almighty Allah advises that no any one non muslim is the friend of Muslim.. if v believe on Quranic verses then v cant imagine how the hell r these…

    im an electronic engineer,, i can proof it that the electronic command & control system & equipments onboard is fake & untrusted

  41. i wish that instead of wasting this money on wordly things and toys for our air force boys(which are not going to be used any way), we could have set up freee hospitals, schools, roads, clean water and what not.
    that would have made pakistan a more secure place to live.

  42. It is heartening to learn about F-16 Jet Fighters new possible arrivals in 2010. However, I agree with some of the respondents that we cannot trust completely on the promises of U.S.Government on the basis of their past behavior and refusal of delivery of the said F-16 in past.Rather, we should embank on our own resources as well as strengthen the relationship with China for JF Thunder Gighter Aircraft. This Jet Fighter is also being build indigeneously.May ALLAH Subhanahu Taala bless on us.

  43. it was good to pakistan if America Stop Drowns Attack on Waziristan and give the Drown Plan to Pakistan why US militery not giving US DROWN PLANS …… ITS QUESTION MARK …….. WHY WHY……….. ….. ?

  44. Although it is good news to have more fighter jets soon, but keeping in view the present Iraq & Afghanistan’s war where american planes hitten millitary bases, communication system & airbases/airports within no time and they captured these countries through airstrikes wihtout sending single ground troop is reflecting new era in war and now modern wars would be won through strong air forces, so we have to prepare our Airforce as one of the best of the region by purchasing and building modern aircrafts and latest systems. We have to invest measure part of our defence budget to make our air force the largest airforce of the region as far as modern aircrafts and capability is concerned.

    I appreciate the efforts of Mr. Musharraf too, who taken aid from America after 9/11 to make our defence stronger and during his tenure Saudi Arabia given Rs. 1 Billion dollar oil to Pakistan Free of Cost which is withdrawn after his departure, so Pakistan needs same type of leader in near future to have strong defence capabilities.

  45. It sounds good to enroll new F-16 aircrafts in the fleet Pakistan Air Force, but we have to try hard to develop our own industry. JF-17 is a milestone but we need to do more in this field.
    History is the evidence that we can not completely rely on the westren technology.

  46. Our Air force is much important in defence, and f-16 is the best aircraft in the world so it will be better for pakistan and PAF that we got more 16.

  47. People in Pakistan are happy by getting F-16s from America but on the other hand we abuse and hate America…What a Double standard by our Pakistan Society.

  48. Well done PAF. The new F16s for those who may not know are state of the art for us. F35,s etc are like being in competition with superpowers which is too fanciful. PAF has also got 14 used F16s and are trying for more. Upgraded, these will be quite formidable. The concept of the JF17 Thunder is to have a single medium tech aircraft to replace other fossilized, redundant type of combat aircraft which are 50 yrs old and no one else flies. To ensure our sovereignty and freedom lets get the PAF 18 more F16s and the J10 from China for diversity.

  49. THE PAKISTAN as its flage shows the colours.
    there are green and white colours. and moon and star.the green colour indicates the people in this country are muslims and are in peace, the white colour shows that there are non muslims too in this country living in peace.the moon and star shows that the future of the people in this country is bright.

  50. Pakistan Airforce being best airforce of the region should be more equipped after delivery of these aircrafts, but let me clear one thing that: ‘this is not an end’, we must prepare ourselves for big wards, especially we have to obtain anti aircraft and anti drone technology/guns to defend our territory from any air attack. We have to puchase more fighter jets even in hundreds to have pschycological advantage on our enemies.

    I must mention here that Mushraf has done a lot to improve our economy as well as defence. Now due to mis management we are far away from ecenomic growth. Prices of necessaties are going up sharply as compare to mushraf’s period.

  51. soon they will fired 16 missles at once in different area of pakistan and kills lot of innocent people as reward to Pakistan Navi.

    shames to Ruler of pakistan

  52. certainly good news for PAF, but lets not bring Islam here because Islam tells us to be war ready all the time but shamefully these jets are coming from USA who have a big part in the misery and problem Pakistan is going through, so first of all F-16C/D is no good when there is F-16E/F, which i believe is being used by IDAF, secondly I think its about time we should say goodbye to american support and should be take more pride in JF-17, we should push for co-production with China and geting as much intel and technology so that we dont have to wait 15 years for USA to make up its mind..lets not forget when USA turned there backs on Pakistan during the 90s

  53. These are not required to Pakistan, while all these matters not to be resolved our deffence requirements,, therefore America must to relaize our stretegic safety,,, butttt… its OK… F-16 versus Wheat or ” war agaisnt terriorism ””..

  54. Really it was an astonoshing and stunting news for me that US administration agreed to handover 18 new F-16 fighters in the PAK Air force fleet. it will not only strengthen pak’s capacity and capability to inflict decisive damage againt its enemies.wish u best of luck Pak Air Force. May God ive

  55. 18 fighters is good but if i were the president i would get 200 f16 immediately no matter how after what we have done for them we deserve 200 right away

  56. it is prestegious to have more F-16. It is promising with the Pak Army efforts and also denying the question marks on capability of Pak Air Force

  57. i am very upset by hearing this news, america is not a true freind of pakista and he’ll never want to give those war heads that would be better for pakistan. so pray for pakistan and for our leader that they must understand what’s our need and make their own fighter planes and make better than f16 and we must enhance the capabilities of jf 17 thunder that it will stand against f16 .


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