2 thoughts on “What is the Real Civil War in Pakistan?

  1. first i would like to say sallam to all those pakistani who read this, i think the real civil war in pakistan is a policy that trying to destory pk or to achieve the atomic syetem of pk no war is in pk it is made by europe and amirecan. it is evidience for us that whats going on in pk who is taliban and from where the terrorists get support they are not able to make guns or sth else it is our duty to save our country from dangur

  2. To :- All Patriotic Pakistanis.

    Dear Sir/Madam.

    Nowadays, the entire Pakistani nation is fighting a battle of life and death against terrorism. Obviously, the terrorists are fighting on behalf of their masters who have plans to either dismember Pakistan or at least strip it from its nuclear weapons. Obviously the will of nation and the determination of the entire security apparatus, to defend Pakistan with their blood, is standing in the way of the nefarious designs of the enemies of nuclear Pakistan.

    However, one thing seems clear that this fight of the survival of the nation will be a long drawn battle. And consequently, our security forces which includes armed forces, F.C., rangers, police forces etc. will be offering more and more sacrifices for the motherland. No doubt central and provincial governments and respective departments look after heirs of our martyrs well, according to available resources and their rules and regulations.

    It is the need of the hour that entire population of Pakistan and expatriate Pakistanis come forward on a voluntary basis, to financially support the heirs of martyrs, whose loved ones have have laid down their lives, for our safe and better tomorrow.

    In this regard, it is proposed that the government should take the initiative to mobilize the public opinion and take the following action.

    1. Declare the salary of entire people serving in all the security forces/agencies ( armed forces, F.C., police service, intelligence agencies, rangers etc.) as tax free. Plus, they should also be exempted from property tax.

    2. Government should create a fund with initial investment of 100 crores ( amount to be released from US grant of Kerry Lugar bill.) Rest of the amount to be collected as donations from overseas and local Pakistanis on a continuous basis, till such time the war with terrorists continues. This fund should be managed by persons of very good repute from government and non government sectors like Abdus Sattar Edhi, Syed Baber Ali, Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim, Justice (Retd.) Bhagwandas and Cowasjee etc. It is proposed that heirs of each security forces martyr be paid Rupees one crore, as a humble tribute and contribution, for their future welfare, from their fellow countrymen.

    Thank you.

    Syed Nayyar Uddin Ahmad

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