Misleading Interpretations

By Former Ambassador B A  Malik

Three articles, one each by Shireen Mazari, Ahmad Qureshi and Asif Ezdi (The News August 26) interpret current events in a questionable manner. Defence Analyst Shireen Mazari blasts the present rulers for what she  calls the latter’s  submission to USA as well as wealthy investors from Gulf states. Can she tell her readers as to when since 1947 did  the United States  not interfere in the internal affairs of Pakistan? The USA  has traditionally behaved towards Pakistan as a master not as a friend as correctly assessed by FM Ayub Khan. Why then dump the entire debris of US domination at the doors of  the present leaders? As regards the investment by rich Gulf states in our country the writer needs to study the economy of the global village. Pakistan is not an island. We have to live with others in a world economy which has become increasingly integrated and inexorably interdependent. If however the author  wants to get rid of overbearing US interference in our domestic affairs is she prepared to promote SAARC solidarity on the pattern of European Union? Her answer please…

Ahmad Qureshi on the other hand may not have understood the philosophy of Jinnah who articulated it in his famous speech on August 11 1947. Jinnah’s marvelous growth from an ambassador of Hindu Muslim unity to becoming the creator of an independent Muslim state culminating in his August 11/47 political testament makes a convincing exposition  of the life and times of the great leader. Qureshi may wish to take a fresh look at the dynamic political character of the founder of Pakistan before advising others to avoid details. Mr Qureshi has not interpreted “Pak nationalism” in synch with the spirit of our times and  Jinnah’s progressive school of thought. Jaswant Singh while interpreting Jinnah has done a better job than our own intellectual from Geo TV.

The third writer, my former colleague Asif Ezdi, should know that the courts will take care of NRO and Mush trial. Why then is he making a big deal out of what have already become sub-judical matters?

Our intelligentsia need to capture the sense of our times which have changed beyond recognition. I am confident the Parliament will restore the constitution of  1973 very soon  and the courts will take care of the legal business of the state  including the ones which Ezdi is trying vigorously to agitate. In case the Parliament fails in it’s duty God help Pakistan!

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