The Hypocrisy (and Silliness) of Pakistan’s Ideologues

Nadeem F. Paracha writes over at the Dawn blog about the the many anti-US banners put up by the Jamat Islami before their June 28:

Each one of us who ever pretended to hold and propagate a lofty ideology at some point in time is guilty of being a hypocrite of some sort. It’s hard not to be one with an holier than thou attitude that is almost impossible in the modern world to live by.

But history most certainly is the cruellest to JI when it comes to counting contradictions and episodes of sheer political charlatan-ism.

These negative episodes of double-speak and action quite easily outweigh JI’s positive undertakings, leaving the party hanging in the air, usually advocating action that the party itself had either denounced in the past, or its leaders are contradicting in the present – perhaps thinking that Pakistanis are too naïve to notice?

It is this attitude and history of the Jamat that has rendered the organisation to become only a pale reflection of what it was some twenty-five years ago.

Theirs is a history of contradiction and desperate pragmatism; a desperation and maybe a case of ideological bankruptcy that was so well encapsulated by that rhetorical ‘Go America Go’ banner.

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