Myth Busters

Myth Busters


The Pakistani media controlled by fundos has been spreading conspiracy theories and is trying to salvage the extremist ideology and regressive thoughts when this ideology’s very foundations are shaking. It has woven a world around a series of myths and is sticking to it, to embrace an ideology that is losing and is outdated. Worst still, in the emotions and euphoria and the pretention of know-all, the educated urban class buys these myths without introspecting. How the media moulds the thought process of educated classes across the world, and more so in Pakistan, is an ideal manifestation of the fact that three worst illusions are; a) I know for I read it in the newspaper, b) I know for I heard it on the TV, and c) I know for I read it in a book.

With this extensive control of the news media by the fundos, it is imperative that their myths and claims be tested for their reasoning. So here is a counterpoint to six most popular myths, the fundo media lives by.

1. Mehsood and Taliban are US agents

This is funny stuff. No seriously. All these years, these Hamir Mirs and Ansar Abbasis and Irfan Siddiquis have been portraying Mehsood, Fazal Ullah and Taliban as the fighters against the Satan, US. These journalists claimed to have inroads into the Taliban network and were trying to convince us why Taliban are the great saviors we should fall behind. Then post-Swat flogging video, the public opinion started shifting. No matter how you like to twist the debate, the reality is that people of Pakistan, almost unanimously, gave a big shut-up call to the Mullah-described “Islamic Law”.

With Taliban myth being shattered in public view and Taliban’s ambitions about power and a bloody takeover of Pakistani society and government becoming clear, came the new twist – a new fairy tale. The saviors of Islam had been planted by Americans to take control of Pakistani nukes and disintegrate Pakistan.

The irony is that not only the fundo elements in the media but even the self-perceived liberal elements like Nazeer Naji also propagate the same theory. First and foremost, the Pakistan’s fragile federation was in near collapse during last couple of years of Musharraf rule and had it not been for US’s active efforts to save the federation from collapsing even by arm-twisting some of her Mid-Eastern allies, it could well have collapsed. US, of all the countries, cannot afford to let Pakistan fall for a number of reasons. First and foremost, if Pakistan or parts of it fall into the hands of fundos, it will shake the whole region from Indonesia to Morocco and no super power can afford this jitter. Second, in a region comprising Iran, Russia and China, Pakistan is US’s best bet to have influence in the region. And based on chaos theory, one might be able to create chaos but cannot control the outcome of it. So US cannot even think of destabilizing Pakistan for it will start a chain of unpredictable events no one will have control over. So it is not in US interest to break Pakistan.

As far as Pakistan’s nuclear program goes, even there, it has covert US node for decades. At some point in 90s, US realized that for her relationship with Pakistan, she needs to compromise on Pakistan’s nuclear program. If US and West want to stop someone from getting nukes, they go to the length they did with Iran or North Korea. Pakistan did not come anywhere close to it despite the proven record of nuclear technology smuggling and confession of Dr. A. Q. Khan. US also appreciates Pakistan’s concerns vis-à-vis India and her nuclear program, something manifested by President Clinton’s reaction to Pakistan’s nuclear explosions (you need to read/research and dig deep to form an opinion rather than relying on Talat Husain’s of the world). Pakistan, like India, is a nuclear program which US did not want to have in the first place but since it is there, it is willing to accept it for now and deal with it under some later global non-proliferation agreement. The only US and global concern regarding Pakistan’s nukes is their safety and in ensuring that they do not fall in the hands of Taliban.

So US do not want to break Pakistan. She is not interested in denuclearization for now. On the contrary, it is in US interest to have Pakistan to further its interest in the region of the Great Game. Something where our interests converge for now and something we both should benefit from.

Calling Mehsood and Taliban US planted agents is a deceptive ploy to take the focus away from the real issue. The real issue is that, in recent past, under the fundos in Pakistani establishment and in the name of doctrine of strategic depth, Pakistan created a monstrous fire power which is threatening her own existence and our way of living. This ideology of hate dominates our media and coupled with sensationalism and self-pity is trying to divert our attention from the core issue of combating the menace that we face – the menace of Islamization, theocracy and Jihad-brand Saudi Islam.

2. Benazir turned anti-US and so US killed her

If the first myth is funny, second one is sad. All these Hamid Mir’s and Ansar Abbasis and Irfan Siddiquis were up in arms against Benazir Bhutto when she landed in October. Read their pieces in newspapers or their talk on TV channels in months leading to her death and you will hear them labeling her as a US stooge, a corrupt leader who has landed through a US-brokered deal with a dictator to quench her thirst for power. So much so, that they even tried to justify the attack on her welcome by linking it to her support for Lal Masjid operation (needless to say these perverts always try to justify the terrorist attacks on one pretext or another). But then she was killed and the nation in mourning, sympathizing with Benazir Bhutto’s cause and awakening to her sacrifice for the noble principles and ideology she stood for, made it impossible for these fundos to oppose her. So what did they do? They played if you cannot beat them joined them. Benazir Bhutto, the stooge of West, over night became the rebel against US who has been killed by Americans for she was a roadblock in their interests. Now more than her own party and people, these fundos became the self-proclaimed saviors of her ideology. Hamid Gul (a man nominated by BB herself in the letter mentioning her killers), Ansar Abbasi and Hamid Mir were all out spreading theories of Benazir turning against West and thus being killed. They came up with their private talks with Benazir, in which BB confessed to them secretly of her displeasure of US policies and her intent to stand against US. Her opinions, of which neither her family, nor her political colleagues or political strategists were aware of, were shared by her with the journalists who stood on the other side of the political divide (am I the only one who finds it hard to digest?). More importantly, when Bait Ullah Mehsood was named in her assassination, these fundos were at the forefront of defending that “American Agent” and claiming he respected Benazir. Give me a break!

3. We face terrorist threat because we decided to side with US in War on Terror

This is simple. It has its roots in psychology of power. When an entity/movement becomes strong enough, it lays its claim to power. We have raised the Jihad Inc. for over three decades. With an estimated 1.2 Million trained militants (larger than Pakistan Army) and huge stakes in drugs, smuggling and arms business, the mafia was to lay claim to absolute power no matter what. 9/11 and US attack on Afghanistan just triggered the events a bit. 9/11 or not, sooner or later, the junior partners in strategic depth doctrine (Jihadis) had to lay claim to the senior partner status realizing their ever growing muscle. This is how power-play works in human societies. And if you need an
y more proof, Talibans behavior post-Swat deal, extending their influence to Buneer, should be enough to highlight their real motive – power and control. It is not about ideology. It is not about Islam. It is a power play and this is how it works in the real world, away from the utopia created by conspiracy theorists.

4. Suicide bombers are produced in retaliation to killings by Drone attacks

Not even once have I been given evidence that the suicide bomber was actually someone related to a person who died in a drone attack. If anyone has ever seen them establishing this link, please illuminate me. First, you have to establish this link which in their rhetoric these fundo journalists never bring. Then, even if it is a reaction to drone attacks, then the suicide bomber should go to Americans to blow himself or attack Pakistan Army or Govt. installations. It makes no sense to blow up markets or hotels in Pakistan. It is a ploy to ensue fear, an age old tactic in power politics. They want to demoralize us to make their takeover easy – but budge we would not.

5. Drone attacks are a violation of Pakistani sovereignty

This one is also funny. The attacks take place in areas a) where Pakistan government has lost her sovereignty and b) which host the elements which are trying to take over the Pakistani state. Last I knew, based on commonsense, if someone is bombing your enemy who has taken over your areas, it is not a violation of your sovereignty. If these Hamir Mirs and Irfan Siddiqui were in the 40s France, they would have been cursing the Allied Forces fighting Nazis to liberate France from German invasion. Isn’t it the most nonsensical argument? Also, we never hear directly from general public of those areas against these attacks. In private talks, some of the tribals have told me that they are happy that US is bombing the people who have taken their towns hostage. I am not saying that those people represent the public opinion there. All I say is that there is more to it then we hear on Geos and Aajs.

6. Israel-Palestine conflict is the biggest reason Muslims hate US

It is a sensitive subject. I believe most humans want a just and free world. On a personal note, I think that Palestinians have been wronged and they must get a fair deal. But blaming hatred among Muslims of US on this sole issue is untrue. In fact, to me it is not even the major cause of the hatred. The hatred stems from a multitude of reasons. First and foremost is the desire of elite in Muslim world to preserve their way of living with which they are comfortable and which ensures their hegemony. They think of modern world ideals of free speech, democracy, human rights, women rights etc to be directly in conflict with their interests and hegemony and since these elite controls the avenues of expressions (i.e. media) in the Muslim World, these avenues spills hate towards America and the West. Second, everyone hates the handsome guy in high school who scores As and dates all the pretty girls. For this reason, everyone is naturally envious and jealous of Americans, including Europe. Third, masses of Muslim world, mostly deprived of their fair share, are skeptical of US for her support for the dictatorship and tyrannies across the Muslim World. CIA staged coups in many Muslim countries (including Iran) and US’s shameless support to tyrannies and monarchies in crushing the popular movements has made masses skeptical of US. They hate the orders that exist in their countries and they see US support as a main cause of those orders survival. Through out the history, US has been reluctant in her support for democratic governments in Muslim World and third world, and has sided with establishments and tyrannies. This is the biggest cause of Anti-US sentiments in the Muslim World. And this is something which Americans need to address, if they want to build bridges with 1.6 billion Muslims of the world rather than a handful Sheikhs and Generals (who by the way will keep playing a double game to resist modernity that comes with US influence).

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