Defeating the invincible South Africa – Pakistan storms to T20 Final

Going into the T20 world cup, no one expected Pakistan to do wonders. Lackluster performance in warm up matches followed by a thrashing defeat at the hands of England had further dashed hopes of Pakistanis. But then the slow-starter boys of Younis Khan started to wake up. They convincingly defeated Netherlands to have a place in Super 8. Lost to Sri Lanka but defeated New Zealand and Ireland convincingly to reserve a berth in Semi Final against invincible South Africa (that had won 5 of 5 in the tournament thus far). And then they threw the favorite South Africans out of the tournament by an all-round performance in batting, bowling and fielding. Pakistani team has made a huge comeback in the T-20 world cup in a manner that is unique to Pakistanis.

When it seems all is going to fail, when you rule them out, when you think it is all over for them, Pakistanis make a comeback and they surprise you with their resilience. They did it in 1992 world cup and here they have done it again. The resilience of Younis Khan and his boys has brought smiles to the faces of a nation under attack by terrorists. It has shown to us once again what we Pakistanis are made of. It has strengthened in us the belief that we can surmount and surpass any obstacles and troubles that come our way with our resolve and spirit to fight back.

I, like all of us, will like Pakistan to win the last match on Sunday. But no matter whether they win or lose, our boys with their performances have made us proud. I applaud for Younis Khan and his boys. On Sunday, like all of you, I will be cheering for Men in Green. Win or lose, they have made us proud. Go Pakistan!

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